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Ferebee Hope Cheer Squad 2012

Ferebee Hope Cheer Squad

Felt so good to reconnect with Ferebee Hope Cheer Squad-gave them copies of The Total Sunshine Show MLK DC Parade edition.
They Rocked!

Go Cheer Coach Oconnor and Davonya! They have their copies of the Award Winning show! They were on TS Team for the MLK DC Parade.

Go Briana! Accepted to SEED Public Charter School! These Ferebee Hope cheer team girlz are awesome! I'm glad to have them on the TS Team! Yay!

Another of my TS Team for the MLK DC Parade! Yay! Go Miyona! She has her copy of the AWARD WINNING show.



School Grade Incentive Program
Supporting Youth to Positive Outcomes

The School Grade Incentive Program: Supports and rewards students who excel in academics. In addition to providing educational tools for success, Life Coping Skill Seminars are facilitated within schools to assist youth towards positive decision making now and in the near-future.

1. SGI Program Specifics

Annual School Grade Rewards Ceremony, at which DC Valedictorians and
Salutatorians receive tools for furthering their scholastic success (laptops
for college, laptop case/bag, flash-drive, and TSI signature items)this is a
city-wide program.

2. In-School Seminars with Youth:

Conducts dynamic musical seminars within DCPS that emphasize positive behaviors, educate for HIV/AIDS awareness, encourage peaceful conflict resolution (anti-violence messages), discourage bullying, highlight positive role models, (Cope and Say No to Dope) anti-drug messages, educate and inform of careers in medicine. Guest speakers are regularly included to maintain diversity in the message delivery. Students will be rewarded for overall academic improvements related to grade point averages and academic improvements. Seminars will be no more than 2 hours long and conducted regularly within junior and senior high schools.

3. Media Outreach:

Televises activities of TSI, and showcases positive role models for youth while entertaining audiences. Inspires positive behavior and general productivity in society, In School Seminars with youth are recorded for broadcast, showcase Annual Rewards Ceremony, honorees, and community leaders, interactions, which are added to theTSI website, Twitter, and television show.
Provides any resident/citizen of the USA with voter registration information and forms.

Connects elderly persons with youth who require community service for graduation from high school and promotes positive interactions while addressing basic facets of housekeeping (trash removal, dishwashing, etc.).

Provides mentor ship to public at large towards peaceful conflict resolution, provide health and wellness tips harmoniously, it inspires positive behavior, broadcasts community interactions/events on Internet and television.

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